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But zero humans have already been affected.

South Africa suspended almost all trade in parrots and chicken items from neighboring Zimbabwe previously this month after it reported an outbreak from the H5N8 parrot flu at a chicken farm.. South Africa bans sale of live hens to contain bird flu CAPE City – Southern Africa has prohibited the sale of live hens through the entire country within a bid to regulate an outbreak of highly contagious H5N8 parrot flu, but zero humans have already been affected, on Mon the federal government said. Exports of processed chicken products, live hens and fresh make can continue with regards to the requirements of importing countries, the division of agriculture said inside a statement.FDA approves Amgen drug for secondary hyperparathyroidism – The U.S.S. Biotech firm stated on Wednesday. The U is showed with a view.S. Meals and Medication Administration head office in Silver Springtime, August 14 maryland, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed/Document Photo The medication, etelcalcetide, will end up being sold beneath the brand Parsabiv, Amgen stated, adding that it’s the first brand-new therapy accepted for the problem in 12 years. It is made to end up being administered intravenously 3 x a week by the end of the dialysis program. Secondary hyperparathyroidism is usually a significant chronic condition that affects a higher %age of kidney disease individuals receiving dialysis. It entails extreme secretion of parathyroid hormone with the parathyroid glands in response to reduced kidney function.