Paradise in the Ozarks
Missouri Cabin Rental

***Paradise Lake Cabin will permanently close down on January 1, 2018***

Many thanks to all the wonderful guests who have stayed with us over the years!

There are still open dates available until year end. Check our calendar here.

Thru-October 31 - $200 per night. November 1-December 31 - $150 per night.

All reservations are 2 night minimum with occupancy up to 4. More than 4 is $25 per night, per person.



Welcome to Paradise Lake and Log Cabin!

This Missouri Cabin Rental is located just a short drive from Kansas City and St. Louis in the Ozarks Region.

This rustic log cabin is carefully blended with modern comforts to make your stay a special occasion. The whole Missouri Cabin is hand cut and hand plywood or pre-made trim. The Missouri Lake Cabin Rental is built in the traditional homesteader style with a loft and an added back room with bath and a large, screened-in front porch.

Please take a few minutes to check out the Virtual Tour of Paradise Lake. See what others have said about the Missouri Cabin Rental, beauty, peace, and tranquility. Check out the View from Space and you'll see why some call it HEAVEN on EARTH.

Enjoy our hospitality in this little corner of heaven and you can truly say you've been to "Paradise."

Paradise Lake and Cabin - Fish, Swim, or Relax in a Hot Tub by the Lake!


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