Paradise in the Ozarks
Missouri Cabin Rental


These are just a few of the testimonial messages and insights left at the cabin from our visitors.  Please take a moment and read through some of them.

Your cabin is just perfect! We appreciate the isolation. This is a true vacation spot.  We loved the cabin. Your attention to all the details was a delight.  We’ve thought of lots of friends and family we want to share this place with, so we’ll be back soon!  Thank you so much for providing such a delightful getaway.

The lake and cabin and surroundings were very clean.  We found the accommodations outstanding.  Everyone need some peace for themselves and with the Lord.  We will be looking forward to our next visit.  The M. Family

Your cabin was fabulous!  We love your decor.  Everything far exceeded our expectations.  Your lake is beautiful.  Thank you for the wonderful time.  The J. Family

“Time” It waits for no one; Jerks each of us around like a knot at the end of a rope.  As you stay here, let that knot go.  It’s always amazing that rope and knot waits for you back at the blacktop.
A member of the Felin family – V.S.

This is the one place my family and I can come to and honestly say we feel like it is our home away from home.  This is truly a wonderful place.  Keith, Linda, Carly, and Lily

The stars were so brilliant as we sat in the hot tub!  Perfect spot to be alone together.  Bob and Ann R.

This was our 6th time at the cabin.  We always look forward to our stay.  The fishing was great!   
Jim, Joni, Dylan, and Evan

Thanks for making this place available.  It made our Honeymoon a wonderful, relaxing experience and we will definitely return.  Bryan and Lindsay

The cabin is a very relaxing and beautiful place.  My son had a wonderful time swimming and the hot tub was great!  We hate to go home.  Thank you.  Steve, Sherri, and Jason

We had a great time and loved everything.  It was very comfortable.  The best thing was not seeing anybody, just our little family.  It was so peaceful, we will be back!  The S. Family

Had a great time and can’t wait to come back.  It’s so nice and quiet here.  Paul and Lisa

Words cannot express the relaxation and peacefulness we received while we were here.  We have been looking for a place just like this for years!  We look forward to returning!  Charlie and Barbara

Thanks for sharing your place with us.  Our 3rd annual Mother-Daughter retreat was a success!  Marti

Thank you for sharing your “little piece of heaven” with us.  This was a surprise anniversary gift from my husband.  We didn’t want it to end.  God Bless.  Jim and Glenda

After reading some of the comments, I realize how much happiness your place has given people.
Larry and Connie

The first time we stayed here, we enjoyed one of the most awesome mini vacations ever!  There are no words to describe our visits here.  Thank you and God bless your family.  Benny and Vickie

Words cannot describe the meaning of Paradise, but the last couple of days have been paradise for us. 
Ron and Carolyn

The only regret is not enough time in Paradise!!!  The O. Family

We enjoyed watching the stars while sitting by the fire.  It’s hard to not want to share such a peaceful and beautiful place.  Thanks for your hospitality!  Jack and Jennifer

The cabin is so nice and comfortable.  You thought of every little detail to make it “homey.”  Allen and Sherrie

Accommodations were excellent as well as unbelievable privacy.  We would recommend this nice place to anyone.  Harry and Concheta

Our memories of this time and place will always be special and will never leave us.  Perfect and wonderful setting for our 2nd anniversary.  David and Tracy

The fishing was great!  Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful place and especially for sharing it.  Terry

The tranquil, serene setting is balm for the soul.  Jane

I’m glad your business is going so great, but sad for us because your days are booking up!
Joe and Deb